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Applications Data Science

Stratégies et modèles prédictifs (IA)

Data driven solutions require Data Science

Machine learning will improve the strategy

Sensibility Dashboard for Analytics We will identify how to turn data into measurable organizational value (MOV), build KPIs around these MOVs and lay them out in a dashboard showing the complete end-to-end User Journey from Marketing Sources/Mediums to Behavioral Patterns of your product/service. With this dynamis dashboard you'll be able to quickly identify bottlenecks and best of all, act on them with engagement campaigns that will have plenty of AB testing features and automation capabilities for Champion strategies

Data Science for latent variables and AI automation Being data drive implies you will no longer make decisions on a gut feeling. Machine learning uses statistical operators to correlate behavior, forecast production and predict risk. Our Data Scientist will constantly find client and workflow insights and suggest Artificial Intelligence that acts on its own with over 90% accuracy for optimizing utility.

Data Engineering - DWH, Online Processing and ETL tuning Data mining is the playground for strategy, without a Data Mart or a DWH (thing of it as a shopping center but for different sorts of data), analysis would be very ad hoc-like. Always limited to excel spreadsheets, vlookups and copying/pasting pivot tables to generate further vlookups – all with the hope of having enough processing power to handle the data. A data mart turns operational data into measurabke data and our Data Engineers are top notch when it comes to optimizing DWH and preparing them for services that will be used for strategy and/or more complex processes that require online latency for AI.

Nos offres

Une solution adaptée à vos besoins


  • Analyse des besoins
  • Définition des objectifs
  • Mise en place des campagnes
  • Tests et optimisations
  • Analyse ad hoc
  • Objectifs et stratégies pilotés par les données
  • Engagement et mise en place de campagnes

Solution personnalisée

  • Pour les entreprises souhaitant une solution complète et approfondie
  • Un accompagnement sur le long terme avec résultats garantis
  • Des campagnes toujours plus efficaces et optimisées


  • Vous avez un data scientist travaillant sur vos méthodologies orientées données ?
  • Vous souhaitez lui fournir une certaine supervision ?
  • Nous proposons des séances de conseil une fois par semaine pour développer ses méthodes et processus.

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